Happy Baby

Trying for a baby?



Maybe you just got off the pill, have been “seeing what happens” or you just suffered a miscarriage.


Sometimes you have a surprise pregnancy with #1 and "unexplained secondary infertility" with #2.  


Or you already had 3 IUI’s and next week is your egg retrieval for IVF.  


Where ever you are in your fertility journey, we will design a comprehensive program just for you to help:


Regulate hormones

Prepare for quality egg ovulation

Reduce inflammation and stress load on the body 

Help you SLEEP at night - because your body won’t conceive when it is stressed out!


From pre-conception to the dreaded two-week wait to a healthy delivery and everywhere in between, we'll use the proven techniques of acupuncture, functional medicine and nutrition to give you personalized treatment. 

Call (636) 244-0686 to schedule a consultation. 

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