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Are you OVERWHELMED by all the nutrition information out there?

We get it. Dr. Oz says one thing and your Doc says another.  

Who do you trust? How do you read a label? Will these foods work for you and your family? 

Most of us just want to feel GOOD! We want to have energy, be in a good mood and not HURT! 

Or maybe you are suffering from thyroid issues, anxiety, depression, diabetes, weight issues, or PMS and hormonal issues. 

You need someone who can sift through all the OVERWHELMING information and help you find the answers you are looking for. 

From creating a healthy dinner plan for your family all the way to specific nutrition plans to fight autoimmune issues - Erin will meet you where you are at and support you to help you reach your goals.

PRIVATE Consultations

Erin works privately with a variety of patients; building a relationship and assessing diet and varying lifestyle needs.

From busy working mom’s planning family meals to the retired man cooking for one – your individual needs will be assessed and Erin will help you navigate the practical steps to a healthier lifestyle.

Do you need general guidelines or more intense support?  We will take the time to get to know you and what will work best to help you reach your goals. 

GROUP Consultations

You don’t know what you don’t know!  

Often times in a group setting we learn we aren’t alone.  Everyone has their own struggles, obstacles and SOLUTIONS!  

Join one of our lively groups and gain a community of supporters and people to learn from.  

Sessions start monthly, typically run weekly for 6 weeks and vary in topic. 

Please call for more information on the next enrollment.

Ready to book now? 

VIRTUAL Health Coaching

Advanced VIRTUAL support to keep you on track.


Because nutrition is advancing and changing EVERY DAY and we don't want you to get lost in the dust!  Stay up to date with new research, analyzing the latest fad diets and new food products at the grocery store without getting confused and duped.  The continued accountability and support we have created is a resource where you will ALWAYS have access to a professional to keep you on track.

  • Daily Text Check In's

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Weekly Live Interactive Videos

  • Customized Nutrition Plan

Open to current and new patients. 

New patients require a 60 minute new patient visit to start.  



Growing up, I was definitely not an active or athletic child.  My strength was art, so I spent a lot of time drawing and creating projects.  Unfortunately, by third grade my food choices and lack of activity caught up to me.  I was much heavier than all of my friends and was teased quite a bit because of it.  I knew that I needed to make a change, but at this young age, I wasn't quite sure what that all entailed. 

Thankfully, by eight grade my older brother took up running in the evening and I tagged along.  We would go up to the high school's track and while he ran laps, I walked.  Eventually I was running as well and that began a cascade of healthier choices. Shortly after, I realized that buying the school lunch probably wasn't the healthiest choice for me.  I began packing my own lunch and even encouraged my parents to cook healthier dinners.  

The results were amazing.  The weight just fell off of me and my life was forever changed.  Since then, I have continued down this path, always knowing I never wanted to feel unhealthy again. 

As I have gotten older, my passion for health has not waned, it has only evolved.  Now I know the importance of long term health and how our body has the amazing capacity to heal itself, if you provide it with what it needs, real food! 

Erin is a graduate of Logan University with a Master’s in Nutrition and Human Performance. She has a passion for educating people about real food choices as well as helping people feel their best through hormone balancing, improved digestion, lowered inflammation and weight loss.  She believes health can be achieved without over complicated rules and restrictions.

Call 636-244-0686 to schedule a new patient consultation.

  • customized meal plans

  • how to read labels and grocery shop

  • a framework for low inflammatory eating

  • tools to overcome emotional hurdles, family resistance and special occasions.

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